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April 23, 2019 by Tom Gervasio


After the police are gone and the yellow tape has been cut, who is responsible for the remediation of crime scenes? The job is much more than cleaning up blood, tissue, human waste, or toxic drug residue. Bio-One's technicians are the unseen force that restore normalcy and stability to the families affected. 


Historically, crime scene cleanup has usually been done by the victim's family. For many, facing the ghastly scene of such personal trauma was too much to bear and had lasting effects. In addition, scientific advancements in the 20th century have raised concerns over exposure to blood borne pathogens and chemical residue. The need for trained technicians has given way to Bio-One being one of the nation’s leading crime scene clean up companies.


One of our Crime Scene Cleanup technicians says, “We never know what we’re going to walk in to, so we go in with the mindset that we're there to help and we’ll do whatever it takes to get that family and their home back in order.  It’s really the only way you can handle the things we see and touch”.


Our work is done in honorable silence and we keep it as discreet as we can. If there were a suicide, homicide, or undiscovered death in your neighborhood, it’s true that you would want to know.  But, the details are not for everyone and we certainly want to respect the privacy of such delicate matters for the family members.  


This job is not for everyone because the work can be both physically and emotionally taxing.  On the other hand, it is one of the most rewarding professions one can do.

There truly are jobs that make us lose our faith in humanity but then when the work is complete and the family members cannot thank us enough for helping them….I realize why I personally am in this business and why our employees are so dedicated.


If you ever know anyone who may need our services OR you are interested in helping others please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Help First, Business Second


Tom Gervasio


Owner/Lead Technician


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